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junk removal in Anaheim
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You have Junk? We are the solution

We are a local Orange County
Junk removal team.

When you have accumulated junk occupying the space of your home or office, it is essential to hire a team that has experience, necessary equipment and, above all, that arrives as quickly as possible to assist you. As a five-star Orange County junk removal company, Junk Solution ticks all the boxes to make you free of the space-saving stress your junk brings, and the amazing thing about it all is, you don’t You’ll need to do absolutely nothing more than call us, all the hard work we’ll do for you. Amazing, isn’t it? 

Founded in 2017 by AndreJunk Solution works in partnership in our community, promoting impact and working hard to become the most qualified and trusted junk removal team in Orange County.

Why is Junk Solution the most in-demand and leading garbage removal team in Orange County?

We are committed to the environment and recycling or donating items.

Many of our customers like to know what happens after we remove items such as furniture and electronics from their homes or commercial spaces. When Junk Solution is asked to remove items, we have the entire process in place that ensures care for your property and the environment too. Every removal job we complete is done in accordance with recycling standards.