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John lives in Newport Beach and needed to remove some items from his garage, they were occupying a space that hindered him from getting into his own car. He called Junk Solution and we went to the city within our time window.

There John pointed out all the items he would like to remove, and we did all the heavy lifting, separating the items to be removed, recycled and those he could go for donation. We left John’s garage totally free to use.

Also tell your story with a junk solution. Do you need a junk removal in Newport Beach? Book online and we will come to you.

Nobody wants to have a yard, an apartment or a garage full of things that they don’t use and just take up space, causing a mess, but you don’t want to waste the whole day on it, do you? Call Junk Solution or make an appointment online, we will make an honest estimate. After that, we will go to the address, you will tell us your window of time and finally we will be able to give you a final price, guarantee transparency and never charge extra fees from you. After we get your acceptance of the value of the Huntington Beach garage cleanout service, sit back to enjoy your day and relax, leave all the hard work with Junk Solution and catch a glimpse of the magic going on, we will leave your garage clean and ready to use the way you choose.

Our friendly and attentive staff will be happy to serve you and help you with this mess in your garage or apartment. Eager to have more space for your new items? Book today with Junk Solution

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We are prepared to take any item wherever it is on your property and our prices are unique.

Junk Solution haulers are committed to providing excellent and professional services.