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Anaheim is the heart of Disneyland, of magic and fun. And Junk Solution has the power to free up space in your home or office so that you can enjoy more the way you want, with our friendly and extremely professional team we do this magic trick for you. Call us today and see how we do it in a really fun way.

Do you need to get rid of your washing machine that no longer works? Do you have a hot tub that has passed its useful life and is useless? Need to remove that old shed that only takes up space in your backyard in Anaheim? We will do the magic of disappearing with any type of headache that is bothering you, and you will not need to lift a single finger for this to happen, just call us, as soon as we are in the location indicated by you, point everything you need be done, while you can visit Disneyland we will do all the work in a snap.

Sarah’s moving

Sarah sold her apartment where she lived in Anaheim, to move and be close to her elderly parents in another city, for this reason she would not be able to remove all the items she kept for 6 years living on the first floor of Avanti Apartment Homes. Browsing Google Sarah came face to face with our company, entered our website and saw that we could help her in this endeavor.

It didn’t take long for Sarah to make an appointment with Junk Solution and in our time window we would arrive at her apartment. Sarah pointed out items like a sofa she didn’t want to take, an old wardrobe and a lot of other items. Our team removed in two truck loads all items that it would not carry. So Sarah was able to return to her parents without worries.

Junk Solution's mission with junk removal in Anaheim

Junk Solution was born in 2017 and we are passionate about what we do, we guarantee total customer satisfaction in our services. In addition, our company is proud to be operated and managed locally, that is, we are not a franchise. We have been certified as one of the three largest solid waste removal companies in 2020 in the Orange County area, so we can guarantee that we will always offer an excellent service and always think of the best for the environment, removing it from your home or office . and a company that no longer serves you, separating what can be recycled, what we can donate and offering the best destination for your old items.

The first thing you need to do is call us and schedule the best time for you. We will arrive at the site and make a quote for you, we are extremely transparent and we never charge extra or hidden fees after work. If you agree to the price , we will remove your items immediately. Then, you decide whether to pay in cash, credit card, or debit card.

And then just make new plans with the area clean and totally ready to be used.

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