Junk Solution mission is to offer the Best waste removal service in Anaheim and the region.

We are a local and reputable company, we are certified professionals to carry out the garbage removal service in homes and businesses.

As we are a local company and not a franchise outside the State, we can guarantee personalized, safe and honest prices, in addition you can pay in the way you feel most comfortable, since we accept the main credit card brands.

We have made a social commitment to dedicate ourselves to separating your waste, classifying the best way to dispose or recycle, but if it is in good condition we can donate to local institutions like Goodwill or Salvation Army, so other people can benefit.

We are a company focused on intelligent management and responsible disposal of solid waste, based in Orange County, and we assume the responsibility of serving the city of Anaheim and the region, so that you always have your space organized and clean, by removing solid waste. which generally takes up a lot of space at home and accumulates dirt and bacteria, damaging the health of residents or professionals.

If you are having trouble disposing of your garbage, remember that Junk Solution can help you. Before removing your trash, we give you all the support you need to optimize your time, just call us or send a text message to 714 495 9198, tell us how much trash has to be removed and in a window of time we will come to you, running the entire service quickly.