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In the world city of extreme sports, Costa Mesa is home to leading skateboard companies including Hurley, Rip Curl and Vans. It is a city with a young and busy culture.

Sam is one of those young people, who just came to live with his mother in the city of Costa Mesa after losing his father, a veteran who loved to see the skate championships that take place in Costa Mesa.

Sam brought a lot of things that wouldn’t fit in an apartment, so he had to call Junk Solution to help remove and dispose of excess items like a musical keyboard with a few missing keys, some baseball items and a much larger wardrobe than the wall of the room where he was accommodated.

We made an appointment with him to arrive on Friday at 2:30pm and we did so. Sam didn’t have to move a finger towards the pile of items he needed to remove at his Costa Mesa`s home, he just told the Junk solution team what needed to be done and we did all the hard work, leaving Sam free space enjoy this moment of intense changes.

If you also need a removal of mattresses, TVs, refrigerators or any other item in your home in the Costa Mesa area call the Junk solution, book on the website and get $30 off, you can send us a text message or call us, we are always willing and happy to serve you, we can leave your home clean and organized without those items you no longer use.

We are the best in Orange County, we have the fairest prices in the county and in addition you will have no surprises when paying, we guarantee that we have no extra fee beyond the final amount that is given to you once you point out the quantity of items that you need to remove and discard from your home or office.

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