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We know how much work you have to do to remove that demolition debris after renovating that space in your home that has always been your dream. We at Junk Solution know how laborious this aspect is in the end, dirt and dust everywhere, dusty furniture and electronics. Junk Solution‘s junk removal in Huntington Beach and the more than 20 areas that our company covers has a proposal to remove this heavy and laborious part of your schedule to provide you with new possibilities, free you up for that hobby, to surf or just walk outdoors.

We are fully licensed and insured to carry out any junk removal work, ensuring that all harmful residues that may pose a danger are properly taken care of. Our team is properly trained in the best ways of handling the rubble, including the sorting, loading and correct disposal of junk in an ecologically correct way.Junk Solution still considers that you need more than solid waste removal in your home or business office.

we understand that, in addition to debris, you may need to dispose of several other types of waste. That is why we have diversified our junk removal services to include the following:

Appliance removal

This specific service involves removing old or obsolete electrical appliances from your home or office. Our specialists will remove appliances such as AC units, dishwashers, heaters, microwaves, lawn mowers and many others as needed.

Removing the refrigerator

Refrigerators are bulky and difficult to remove. Our refrigerator removal service takes care of all of these concerns, removing any obsolete, damaged and unrepaired refrigerators from your home, office, stores, among other locations.

Mattress removal

The mattresses are bulky and difficult to get rid of on your own. Our team removes any size, type of mattress and quantity of that same item.

Couch removal

Do you need to remove that couch that is not suitable for sitting and is completely broken? Does it only serve to accumulate bacteria and make your spine worse and worse when you sit on it? Thinking about improving your living room? Let us help you get rid of today’s sofas through our sofa removal service

Television removal

Our TV Disposal Service will remove your old CRT TVs, flat screens, large monitors that are no longer needed in your home, office or business so you can replace them as needed.

Trash removal

If you need to get rid of large amounts of trash by taking up space or making it unpleasant, we can remove the trash from your office, home, residential or commercial condominium or business to give you peace of mind and improve your aesthetic appeal, and obviously the quality of life and your health.

Furniture removal

With our furniture removal service, we can remove old and obsolete furniture that takes up space in your home, garage or yard. If you are moving to another house we can collect all the furniture that you will not be able to take with you and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner.

Yard waste removal

Do you want to return a clean and well-kept appearance to your outdoor area? We take care of your yard. Junk Solution’s waste removal service solves this for you, leaving your yard looking flawless again. We return the clean space back to you.

Hot tub removal

Our bathtub removal service includes the removal of hot tubs and other bathroom related items, such as sinks, taps, bathroom drawers, among others.

Carpet removal

If you recently changed the carpet in your room and would like to get rid of the old carpet, we have the perfect service for that, our carpet removal experts can do it quickly for you.

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