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Solutions for Mattress removal near you!
They're difficult to move on your own, demand a lot of
time and a bigger vehicle to take it to the right place.

Junk Solution can remove and transport your old mattress today if you need to. See how easy it is to schedule your mattress removal service with Junk Solution.

First step you must call or book now on the website.

It does not take us more than 20 minutes to send a response via email. But we usually call you to send an estimate of the service, so pay attention to your phone.

As soon as we speak and you agree on the price, we will go to the indicated location and then just point us where your mattress is and leave everything with the extremely professional and friendly team of Junk Solution, we will remove and transport your mattress to an appropriate location for disposal or treatment of this mattress for donation.

We are a local residential and commercial solid waste removal and transportation company and are ready to serve you today. Our trucks are bigger and we guarantee the best experience for you with our solid junk removal service in Orange County.

If you have items that can occupy from 1/6 of our truck, book on the website and get a $ 30 discount.

We have listed below the types of mattresses we normally take, if you have a model that is not listed below call us so that we can evaluate the possibility of removal.

Recent Mattress Removal Jobs

Team Junk Removal in Orange

Book online and get $30 off

We are prepared to take any item wherever it is on your property and our prices are unique.

Junk Solution haulers are committed to providing excellent and professional services.