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Preserve your spine and don't break your appliances

Leave all the heavy lifting to Junk Solution.

It is common for homes and businesses in Orange County to have problems with the disposal of obsolete, outdated or broken appliances, our policies are very specific to the disposal of this type of material, as it greatly affects the environment. When you buy a new model, making room for an old one and removing it can be a real headache.

If at any time you go through this, remember that there is a local partnership that does all this heavy lifting for you, do not sacrifice your spine, do not risk having mobility problems in an attempt to remove an appliance. And remember, you can still help more people, because the Junk Solution, in addition to removing and disposing of it correctly, if your appliance is in good condition, we can donate it, helping the environment with the reuse of the product or correct disposal. It is convenient to contact us, just a phone call, or you can fill out the booking form and in a short time we will be at the address you requested.

If you need professional appliance removal services, contact the Junk Solution team. Our quick and efficient removal specialists can help you remove any unwanted braces and get them out of your hands without any more headaches.

If you have an appliance to dispose of, let our team take care of it. Junk Solution is the appliance removal team Orange County knows you can trust and rely on, we are a five star team rated by our customers for fast and efficient appliance removal services from any home or business in our area. Give us a call today and learn how you can hire our team of local, qualified experts to remove an unwanted appliance from your residential or commercial property quickly and at a time that fits your schedule.

We can solve all of your local appliance removal needs.

When it comes to trash removal, transporting appliances in and out of a property can be a hassle. Not only can appliances damage your home or business while you try to remove them from the premises, but you also need to find a unique way to dispose of the appliance from your property once removed.

Don’t waste time and effort trying to remove your device yourself. Call on our leading team of Orange County experts to take care of all your braces removal needs today.

From washers and dryers to refrigerators and more, Junk Solution can solve all of your Orange County appliance removal needs with fast and affordable appliance removal services. Junk Solution experts are licensed and insured to protect your property against the risks involved in appliance removal.

Don’t risk the back pain and headache of braces removal. If you need to remove an appliance in the Orange County area, call our team today to schedule an appointment. Our team will be out in no time and we’ll get your unwanted appliance off your hands for good.

Local Appliance Removal Services in Orange County

If you have an appliance that you would like to quickly and safely dispose of, contact Junk Solution today. We are pleased to offer removal services for a variety of appliance sizes and types, including:



Washing machines




Don’t see your device listed above? Don’t worry, we guarantee we can take care of it for you! Our team has six years of experience transporting unwanted appliances from homes and commercial businesses throughout Orange County. When we’re done, you’ll be ready to replace your old, rusty appliance with a new model. Our team is dedicated to exceeding your expectations with fast and safe removal.

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Affordable appliance removal

In Orange County, individuals and families are looking for an affordable way to remove unwanted appliances, although junk removal is a service that is unique and tailored to you. Fortunately, at Junk Solution we are proud to offer fast and affordable removal services at a price that fits your budget, we’ll match any offer.

Contact us today to find out more about our complete appliance removal services, we remain transparent with our customers, this means we have no extra fees in our rates, so you are free from unpleasant surprises with the price of removing your appliance. You can trust Junk Solution and our team of experts to help you dispose of your old, unwanted appliance hassle free. We offer same-day service throughout the Orange County area, with licensed and insured team members who will give you peace of mind. Give us a call and breathe a sigh of relief as we’ll do all the heavy lifting, say goodbye to your unwanted appliance today!

Remove your appliances today

Contact us today for a free estimate and to learn more about our local Orange County appliance removal services. Our team of experts will quickly arrive at your home or business and we will remove your unwanted items without any hassle for you, without interruption and at a price that none of our competitors can match.