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We’ll remove debris, furniture, or general junk from any commercial space in Orange County

Junk Solution does so much more than pick-up junk; we provide full-service commercial junk removal!

  • Disassembly. If items need to be taken apart for safe removal, then we’ll take care of that.
  • Removal. Then we’ll safely remove all unwanted items and trash from your commercial space.
  • Hauling. Once your space is clean, we’ll haul all items to the most appropriate facility.


Our number one goal is to help our clients get rid of unwanted junk in commercial properties, but we always do this responsibly.

  • Donations. Do you have usable office furniture, fixtures, or appliances that could be reused? We donate these items to Orange County charities such as Goodwill.
  • Recycling. We follow local regulations for recycling and deliver electronics and other materials to be safely processed.
  • Disposal. Some things simply must be disposed of, and we get that. So once we’ve reduced waste, we’ll dispose of what we must.


commercial junk removal
commercial services junk removal


As a local Orange County business, we aim to offer the best services at the most reasonable rates.

  • Upfront Pricing. We’ll always start by giving you a firm quote for the cost of commercial junk removal services.
  • No Hidden Fees. We don’t have to cover corporate overhead or franchise fees, so we don’t have to sneak those onto your bill.
  • Payment Methods. When the cleanout or removal job is complete, then you can pay the bill with any major payment method you choose.

Would you like to discuss our services or find out how we compare to other companies that cleanout commercial space in your area? Call 714-495-9198 at your convenience.


Office Furniture Removal

Are you upgrading desks and chairs? Or maybe closing the office completely? Either way, our staff can clear out all unwanted office furniture.

Cubicle Removal

We’ll bring the tools and equipment we need to tear down cubicles. Then we’ll remove all parts and clear them from your commercial space.

Electronic Removal

When electronics are in usable condition, they can often be wiped clean and donated. If this isn’t possible, we’ll make sure they are recycled.

Appliance Removal

From restaurant kitchens to office break rooms and everywhere in between, you can count on us to remove old or damaged appliances.

Light Demolition

When built in features and small structures needs to be removed, give us a call. Our team does light demo and cleans up all debris.


We have the solution for your commercial junk! Our staff does all the heavy lifting and we’ll have your unwanted items gone in no time.
Our team of experienced and friendly professionals will handle all of your hauling needs, from large items such as furniture and appliances to smaller items like clothing and electronics. We provide sameday service and will work around your schedule to best accommodate your needs. All of our junk removal and hauling services are fully licensed and insured to ensure your peace of mind.

Commercial Junk Removal Services Today

Contact us today for a free estimate and to learn more about our local Orange County commercial junk removal services. Our team of experts will quickly arrive at your home or business and we will remove your unwanted items without any hassle for you, without interruption and at a price that none of our competitors can match.