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Junk Solution is your local choice when you are searching for companies that cleanout basements.

Have you ever walked down to your basement to find something in storage, only to wind up wading through a sea of junk instead? Do you miss the days when your basement was tidy and spacious? If so, then it’s time to reclaim your downstairs with basement cleanout services from Junk Solution. Our full-service crew is ready to serve you, no matter where you are in Orange County.


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There’s no reason to spend your entire weekend cleaning up the basement when we can get it done the fast and easy way. Say goodbye to stress and hello to convenience!

  • A big truck. Our custom-made junk removal truck can haul more than your standard pickup truck.
  • A committed crew. Our team provides all the labor and doesn’t back down, even when facing a challenge.
  • A professional look. We’re in matching uniforms, we’re well-groomed, and we are friendly.
  • A great value. Not only do we clean out your basement quickly, but we do it for a fantastic price.


Choose local and save money on your junk removal appointment!

  • Local savings. We don’t have franchise fees to pay for, meaning we don’t charge you as much as the competition.
  • Volume-based. We charge primarily by the truckload. So, the cost of the job scales to match the size of the job, netting you a fair price.
  • Upfront quotes. We’ll consider all the junk we have to haul away, then give you an upfront quote for our services.
  • All-inclusive pricing. Don’t worry about hidden fees, because all necessary charges are included in the asking price.


Boxes and Bins

Most of the basements we see are filled to the brim with boxes and bins. Are you ready to say goodbye to some of these? If so, let us take them off your hands.


Sometimes, unwanted furniture winds up stashed away in the basement. Let us help you get rid of it for good. Our crew will haul it back up those basement stairs no problem.


Got a broken appliance that you squirrelled away in the basement? How about a water heater that can’t even heat up the tap? Disconnect it, and we’ll haul it away.


Grills that were once good for backyard barbecues might now be serving a life sentence in your basement. Don’t let them take up space. We’ll load them up in our truck.

Gardening Equipment

Rakes, hoes, shovels, and even tillers can take up more of your basement space than you think. Need to replace those ancient tools with new ones? We’ll help you with the “out with the old” part.


But wait—there’s more! Junk Solution is prepared to haul away almost any junk you throw at us. Read below to see some more applicable items, or call us now at 714-495-9198.

Remove your Basement Cleanout Services

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