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Junk Solution is a local Huntington Beach company that provides mattress removal services across Orange County!

You don’t have to convince your buddies to help load up that old mattress and haul it to the Olinda Alpha or Prima Deshecha Landfill. In fact, all you have to do is pick up the phone! Grab an appointment online or call 714-495-9198 and Junk Solution will take care of it all!


You can expect fast and friendly mattress and junk removal services from Junk Solution!

  • 7 Days a Week. We offer mattress disposal services every day of the week!
  • 2-Hour Windows. Pick the 2-hour arrival window that works best for you, and we’ll be there.
  • Efficient. Our crew will carefully remove the mattress(es) and other junk quickly!

You won’t have to wait around for us or worry about any of the mattress recycling details. In fact, we’ll take care of all of that, and you can check the conditions at Sunset Beach and head out for some fun!

mattress removal
mattress removal services in Orange County

Affordable mattress removal in Orange County, CA

What does it cost to remove an old mattress?

  • Upfront Pricing. Our pricing is simple and straightforward. Once we know what all you need to get rid of, we’ll give you a firm quote at no cost.
  • One Price. At the landfills, you’ll have to separate mattresses from other junk. With Junk Solution, you pay one fair price to get rid of everything.
  • Payment Methods. We accept all major payment methods, so you can pay however you prefer.

Call 714-495-9198 and we’ll be glad to discuss the cost of junk pickup and mattress recycling in your Orange County community.


Junk Solution is a local mattress removal service that specializes in picking up, hauling, and disposing of all types of mattresses. They provide a convenient and ecofriendly solution for mattress removal in Orange County and the surrounding area. With Junk Solution, you can have your mattress removed quickly and easily.

Junk Solution offers a nohassle, nocharge mattress removal service. All you have to do is call or book online and they will come to your home or business to pick up your mattress. They also provide a free estimate for the removal of your mattress, so you know exactly what youll be paying for.


Junk Solutions mattress removal services are safe, reliable, and ecofriendly. They properly dispose of your mattress in accordance with all local laws and regulations. They also recycle, donate, and dispose of the mattress in an environmentally conscious manner. Junk Solution also offers a variety of other services, including furniture removal, junk removal, and trash removal. Theyre committed to providing their customers with quality services at competitive prices.


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Box-Spring Removal

Have you upgraded to an adjustable frame or platform bed? We can haul away your old mattress and the box springs, too.

Futon Removal

What about futon frames and mattresses? Yep, we’ll take those, too! While we’re there, we’ll take any other old furniture that needs to go.
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Bedding Removal

Are you upgrading everything? We’ll take the toppers, mattress pads, and any old linens. Whatever you want to get rid of, we’ll take it.
Sofa Removal

Pull-Out Sofa Removal

Is that old sleeper sofa doing anyone any favors anymore? They’re big and bulky to move, but our crew can safely get it done.
Bed Frame scaled e1645475059998

Bed Frame Removal

We’ll take metal and wood bed frames. Our staff can even break it down if you need us to. Just show us where it is and we’ll get to work.
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It really doesn’t matter what sort of mattress you need to have disposed of. We’ll remove tradition springs, memory foam, hybrid, or any other mattress.

Remove your mattress today

Contact us today for a free estimate and to learn more about our local Orange County mattress removal services. Our team of experts will quickly arrive at your home or business and we will remove your unwanted items without any hassle for you, without interruption and at a price that none of our competitors can match.